17th June 2009


Ghostlight gets physical on iPhone

Ghostlight is pleased to announce that its critically acclaimed sports simulation, International Athletics, has become the publisher's first release for the iPhone format.

Having already enjoyed success in the handheld console charts across Europe on Nintendo DS™ and Sony PlayStation® Portable formats, it was a logical step for Ghostlight to target the growing iPhone format for their next instalment in the International Athletics franchise.

Adrian Hirst, Development Director at Code Monkeys commented "Our goal was to create a highly realistic athletics simulation, whilst maintaining a compelling pick up and play game, similar to titles such as Track and Field™ and Daley Thompson's™ Decathlon. We have undoubtedly delivered on this goal."

The immense variety of events on offer is central to the appeal of International Athletics, along with the physically interactive control method and host of rewards available for accumulating medals. Full character customisation even allows players to recreate their sporting heroes, selecting facial features, skin type and physique.

Players will be able to compete in one of the many Tournaments or simply enter Quick Event mode to try and improve on personal bests or smash world records. For those keen to take on even more of a challenge there's the Decathlon - the ultimate test of skill and endurance across a gruelling ten events.

Sam Collins, Sales Manager of Ghostlight stated: "International Athletics is an outstanding title with huge mass market appeal. In every department it matches the very best currently available titles on iPhone and we believe that International Athletics will further strengthen the iPhone as a gaming platform both at the game's launch and into the future."

International Athletics is available on iTunes now.


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